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The Biscotti Company: A Taste of Italy Made on Long Island


At The Biscotti Company, tradition and innovation intertwine to bring the authentic flavors of Italy to Long Island. Recently, our journey was spotlighted on News12’s “Made on Long Island,” where we shared the story behind our beloved biscotti with viewers across Long Island and New York City. In the heart of Calverton, nestled amidst the […]

Dipping into Italian Coffee Culture: Almond Biscotti and Espresso Pairing


Exploring Almond Biscotti and Italian Coffee Culture Ah, there’s nothing quite like a hot shot of Italian espresso to start your day off right. But you know what makes it even better? Pairing it with a delicious almond biscotti! I can’t get enough of this classic Italian combination that always hits the spot. Biscotti has […]

Biscotti and Coffee Pairings – Find Your Perfect Match with The Biscotti Company

Biscotti and Coffee Pairings: Find Your Perfect Match with The Biscotti Company As the owner and founder of The Biscotti Company, I have a bit of experience pairing biscotti with coffee. Our bakery has been using a 200-year-old recipe to handcraft biscotti since 2020 and offers a variety of flavors, such as chocolate biscotti, lemon […]

The Nutty and Delicious World of Cookies with Almond Flour


The Nutty and Delicious World of Cookies with Almond Flour If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional cookies made with wheat flour, then consider using almond flour. Almond flour has been prized in Italian baking for centuries because of its nutty flavor and delicate texture. Now, it is gaining popularity among […]

Celebrate National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day with a Free Bag of Biscotti


Celebrate National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day with a Free Bag of Biscotti Today (November 6) is National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day, and we’re celebrating by offering a special deal. We’ll throw in a free bag when you buy three bags of our Bittersweet Chocolate & Orange Almond Biscotti today. That’s right! It’s Buy […]

Almond Biscotti – A Taste of Nostalgia


Almond Biscotti – A Taste of Nostalgia Almond biscotti are a classic Italian cookie that is perfect for dipping in coffee or enjoying on their own. I grew up baking them with my grandmother on every holiday. Almond biscotti remind me of my childhood. The aroma of freshly toasted almonds and the sweet smell of […]

What is Italian Biscotti?


What is Italian Biscotti? You’ve seen what is biscotti on Instagram, in your favorite coffee shop, and maybe even in your grandma’s cookie jar. But what is a biscotti? Italian Biscotti is a type of cookie that has been made in Italy for centuries. This crunchy cookie has a long and storied history. A Brief […]

Back Home in the Bakery!

We’re back home in our bakery and we’re baking biscotti! We’re so grateful to our new friends at the East End Food Institute for sharing their bakery with us while we waited for our building to reopen. Now that we’re back at 50% capacity, we’re looking forward to serving our community with fresh, delicious biscotti. […]

How to Spot a Healthy and Delicious Treat For Your Family


The days are getting shorter, and the holidays are just around the corner. But don’t panic! You can still enjoy some delicious treats with your family this season. Here’s how to spot a healthy and delicious treat for your family: Watch the ingredients – if there are more than five on the list, it’s probably […]