Almond Biscotti – A Taste of Nostalgia


Almond Biscotti – A Taste of Nostalgia

Almond biscotti are a classic Italian cookie that is perfect for dipping in coffee or enjoying on their own. I grew up baking them with my grandmother on every holiday. Almond biscotti remind me of my childhood. The aroma of freshly toasted almonds and the sweet smell of baking in the air is genuinely nostalgic.

Almond-Biscotti-A-Taste-of-Nostalgia-2My grandma’s classic almond biscotti recipe was a reliable go-to for years. But after she passed away, I decided to make some changes and add more flavor while keeping it crispy and crunchy, like my memories of biting into one fresh from the oven growing up baking with her.

What Does Almond Biscotti Taste Like?

Almond biscotti have a nutty flavor with the perfect amount of sweetness. Our Almond Biscotti have a deep almond and amaretto flavor with tones of apricot and are finished with a hint of sea salt. My grandmother would have been very proud of this modern flavor. This biscotti is impressive on its own but dunked in black coffee – well, that takes it to a new level of deliciousness.

What is the Difference Between a Biscotti and Cookies?

The most significant difference between biscotti and cookies is the texture. Biscotti are much crispier and crunchier than your average cookie. They also have a longer shelf life than most cookies because they are twice-baked, eliminating moisture from the biscotti.

Plus, Almond Biscotti are made with premium ingredients like almond flour, which adds a little something extra that regular cookies don’t offer.

How Are Almond Biscotti Made?

Almond-Biscotti-A-Taste-of-Nostalgia-3Grandma always told me to keep things simple when baking almond biscotti and to use just a few ingredients: Butter, eggs, sugar, flour, baking powder, and toasted almonds. The dough is then formed into a log shape and baked. After it is baked, it is sliced into individual biscotti cookies and then baked again. This double baking gives them their signature crispy, crunchy texture.

Do People Enjoy Eating Almond Biscotti?

Absolutely! It’s simply delicious! Even non-biscotti eaters fall in love with our almond biscotti. But! Almond biscotti may not be everyone’s favorite, but there are plenty of other biscotti flavors to choose from. If you’re not a fan of almonds, give one of these a try: chocolate almond biscotti, orange chocolate biscotti, cranberry pistachio biscotti, salted caramel biscotti, banana biscotti… the list goes on. There’s sure to be a flavor that satisfies your sweet tooth.

Where to Buy Almond Biscotti Cookies?

You can find our almond biscotti in most supermarkets and delis across long island, New York City, and Connecticut in the bakery or the Deli section. You can also Order Biscotti Online.


Almond Biscotti are perfect for anyone who loves the taste of almonds! They are no longer just for your parents and grandparents; now, every generation enjoys them. So, brew a pot of coffee/tea and curl up on your favorite chair, and take a moment to savor the delicious taste of Almond biscotti and enjoy the trip down memory lane. Almond Biscotti also make fantastic gifts. Give them a try today! You won’t be disappointed!

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