Our Story Dates Back to The 1800s – Partinico, Palermo Italy. 

Bruno LoGreco, the owner and head baker at The Biscotti Company, has always had a baking passion. He grew up baking biscotti with his mother and Nona-Vicenza, his grandmother, who had a recipe she got from her grandmother. For over two hundred years, the recipe and method had never changed. In 2019, while experimenting with ingredients, Bruno discovered a simple process that added the much needed crisp to the crunchy Italian biscotti, also known as cantucci. Bruno’s vision was to create a delicious cookie that makes a bold statement that can be eaten as a snack every day. To achieve that goal, Bruno added a deep almond and amaretto flavoring, premium products, and a hint of sea salt. The result is an incredibly delicious crispy, crunchy biscotti that keeps you wanting more.




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