Back Home in the Bakery!

We’re back home in our bakery and we’re baking biscotti!

We’re so grateful to our new friends at the East End Food Institute for sharing their bakery with us while we waited for our building to reopen. Now that we’re back at 50% capacity, we’re looking forward to serving our community with fresh, delicious biscotti. Thanks for sticking with us during this challenging time.

Even though we’re back in our bakery, we still want to stay connected to our East End Food Institute friends. They were such a big help to us during a difficult time, and we can’t thank them enough.

Now that we’re back home in our bakery, we’re hard at work baking all of your favorite biscotti flavors! Our biscotti are freshly baked and perfect for dipping in your morning coffee or tea.

We have a variety of delicious biscotti flavors, like almond, chocolate almond, Dark Chocolate & Orange Almond. So delicious! And If you’re looking for an explosion of flavors, check out our Chocolate, Pecan & Salted Caramel.

Here’s the breakdown

Almond Biscotti

Our classic almond biscotti are made with real almonds and freshly ground almond flour. They’re light and crispy with a delicate almond flavor that’s not too sweet. These biscotti are perfect for curling up with a book and dunking a biscotti or two in your coffee or tea.

Chocolate Almond Biscotti

Try our chocolate almond biscotti if you can’t get enough of that delicious almond flavor. These biscotti are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. We start with our classic almond biscotti recipe and add dark semisweet chocolate chunks.

Chocolate & Orange Almond Biscotti

For a citrus twist on our classic chocolate almond biscotti, try our chocolate & orange almond biscotti. We start with the same delicious recipe and add fresh orange zest and bittersweet chocolate. These biscotti are ideal for entertaining or on a charcuterie board.

So there you have it—a breakdown of our three most popular biscotti flavors during the shutdown.

Even though we’re back at 50% capacity, we’re still baking all of your favorite biscotti flavors. Stop by our online store and bring deliciousness home today!

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Almond Biscotti


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