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Gourmet Biscotti For Any Occasion


Are You Looking for Gourmet Biscotti? You’re in luck! Gourmet Biscotti is a great gift to give because everyone loves them. What’s a better present than a biscotti? I know, right! Biscotti are the best kind of cookies to gift anyone you might be shopping for this holiday season. Not only do they taste incredibly […]

Celebrate The Holiday Season With Biscotti


Celebrate The Holiday Season With Biscotti There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked biscotti wafting through your home. It’s a comforting scent that takes you down memory lane of all the holidays in your kitchen with family and friends. The holidays are about spending time together, savoring each other’s company, and enjoying delicious […]

Do’s And Don’ts to Baking Perfect Crispy, Crunchy Biscotti


We all love biscotti because it’s crispy, crunchy, and full of flavor. But we hate how hard it can be to bake sometimes. It can seem as if every time you bake some, the result is either too dry or too crumbly. And then there’s that whole business about trying to get biscotti just right […]

What Are Biscotti?


What Are Biscotti? Biscotti, also known as cantucci, are twice-baked Italian cookies made of almonds and originated in Prato, Tuscany, in the 14th-century, where almonds were abundant. Biscotti have a hard texture and are dehydrated thanks to the second bake. They are also mold-resistant, which is why they became the ideal food for sailors, including […]

My Favorite Biscotti Recipe


Biscotti is a type of cookie that originated in Italy and can be eaten alone or served as an accompaniment to coffee or tea or dipped in wine. The word “biscotti” means “twice-baked,” referring to the process of making this cookie twice – once as dough and again after it has been shaped into logs, […]

How to Spot a Healthy and Delicious Treat For Your Family


The days are getting shorter, and the holidays are just around the corner. But don’t panic! You can still enjoy some delicious treats with your family this season. Here’s how to spot a healthy and delicious treat for your family: Watch the ingredients – if there are more than five on the list, it’s probably […]


donating biscotti and smiles

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Donating Biscotti and Smiles to our Heroes at Eastern Long Island Hospital. Bruno LoGreco, the owner of The Biscotti Company, located in Long Island’s East End, is pledging to give cookies every week to the healthcare workers of ELIH.   The Biscotti Company Bruno LoGreco 4603 Middle Country Rd.  Calverton, New […]