Biscotti and Coffee Pairings – Find Your Perfect Match with The Biscotti Company

Biscotti and Coffee Pairings: Find Your Perfect Match with The Biscotti Company

As the owner and founder of The Biscotti Company, I have a bit of experience pairing biscotti with coffee. Our bakery has been using a 200-year-old recipe to handcraft biscotti since 2020 and offers a variety of flavors, such as chocolate biscotti, lemon biscottini with white chocolate drizzle, and almond biscotti.

Pairing biscotti with coffee is a tradition that dates back to ancient Rome, where biscotti were originally baked as a hard, dry biscuit to be eaten with wine. My grandmother would often tell me about the old days when biscotti was all people had to eat for the entire day. Although it was a simple meal, she would always remember those times fondly and talk about the joy and comfort that a biscotto and a cup of coffee brought her. These memories have always made coffee and biscotti a special tradition for me.


I love that biscotti are the perfect partner for coffee because they are dry and crunchy, which helps balance the rich and creamy flavor of the coffee. The combination of the two creates a delicious and satisfying combination that I never get tired of.

When it comes to choosing the perfect coffee and biscotti pairing, consider the flavors of both. The best coffee for your biscotti depends on the biscotti’s flavor. For example, if you enjoy a biscotti with chocolate chunks, choose a coffee with chocolate or caramel notes to complement it. On the other hand, if you are craving almond biscotti, choose a coffee with a nutty flavor to match.

Here are some pairing suggestions for three different coffee types: Sumatra, Arabica, and light roast (breakfast blend), as well as three biscotti flavors: chocolate biscotti, my new favorite flavor, lemon biscottini with white chocolate drizzle, and almond biscotti.


Biscotti and Coffee Pairings:

If you prefer a bold, full-bodied coffee, try pairing your chocolate biscotti with a dark roast like Sumatra. The biscotti’s rich, chocolatey flavor complements the Sumatra coffee’s bold flavors, creating a harmonious flavor combination.

I can’t wait for Sunday morning to indulge in my new ritual of enjoying my favorite, the lemon biscottini with white chocolate drizzle, paired with a light roast coffee like a breakfast blend. The bright, citrusy flavor of the biscottini complements the bright, fruity flavor of the coffee perfectly. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could also try pairing the lemon biscottini with a Sumatra coffee for a bolder flavor combination.

biscotti-flavorsOur Almond biscotti features a deep almond and amaretto flavor, finished with a hint of sea salt. When paired with a medium roast coffee like Arabica, the biscotti’s sweet, nutty flavors are brought to the forefront, and the apricot tones in the biscotti become more pronounced. The creamy, smooth flavors of the Arabica coffee provide a perfect balance to the bold, nutty flavors of the almond biscotti. This combination creates a smooth, sweet pairing that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

No matter which biscotti and coffee pairing you choose, you can’t go wrong with the delicious combinations offered by The Biscotti Company. Whether you prefer classic chocolate biscotti or something more unique like lemon biscottini, we have a biscotti flavor to suit your taste. So why not give one of our biscotti and coffee pairings a try today?

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