Dark Chocolate & Orange Almond Biscotti – 3 Pack


Unwrap a trio of indulgence with our 3-Pack of Dark Chocolate & Orange Almond Biscotti. Each 7.15 oz bag features the perfect blend of dark Belgian bittersweet chocolate, whole-roasted almonds, and real orange zest for a burst of fruitiness. Handcrafted to perfection, these biscotti deliver a memorable snacking experience with a harmonious balance of vanilla and a hint of sea salt. With approximately 12 biscotti cookies in each bag, this delicious trio invites you to share the joy or savor the exquisite flavors alone. Elevate your snacking ritual and experience the pinnacle of biscotti excellence with our Dark Chocolate & Orange Almond Biscotti—a triple treat of crunchy, chocolatey masterpieces, perfect for gifting or savoring.