Four Unique and Creative Biscotti Displays


How would you like to wow your guests with a creative and delicious display of biscotti? Your guests will be able to enjoy sweet treats while being enchanted by the gorgeous collection of Italian cookies.

The best part about creating a display for any event is bringing your style to it. To help you along, we’ve put together four unique Biscotti Displays that need your magic touch.

Biscotti Bar
The best way to enjoy a party is with some delicious treats. A biscotti bar has guests talking and snacking all night long!

Mix and match your favorite biscotti flavors on different plates or group them by type on a tray. You can even create fun combinations like chocolate almond biscotti with double chocolate peanut butter!

Biscotti Pairing Board A classic way to enjoy Italian food and wine is with a pairing board. The basic concept behind these boards is the assortment of biscotti and other items that complement them, such as chocolate, nuts, and figs.

You can either go all out with a large board or offer several smaller options to suit the number of guests you’re hosting. Creativity is vital when presenting your biscotti selection.

Biscotti Cones
Instead of creating an over-the-top display, serve biscotti in a cone. This is the perfect way to give your guests a taste of three different flavors, so they don’t feel like they are missing out.

Serve the Biscotti Cones on a flat tray or standing cone trays.

Party Favors
Guests are always grateful for the thoughtful loot bag at the end of the party. A little something sweet like biscotti will never go amiss, and your guests can rest assured knowing they were sent off with a delicious gourmet gift!

Whether you’re hosting a formal event or just want to show off your baking skills, a biscotti display is perfect for impressing your guests. With so many options for designs and flavors, there’s sure to be a biscotti display that matches your personality and event.

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