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How an Open Mind Can Lead You to The Greatest Inspiration of Your Life.

Have you ever paid attention to those serene people who walk in a park slowly and peacefully, looking harmonious and keeping their heads up rather than looking down? You have seen those suspiciously not rushed people: they pause every five minutes during the walk, smell every second flower, and look like they’re about to soak up all the beauty surrounding them. And, most likely, they’re enjoying the perky shape of clouds or the alluring sky palette at that exact moment. We call those people the Creators or simply the gifted artists of various crafts.

The artists can see this world from a radically different perspective: the charming beauty of the blooming flowerbeds, the freshly brewed coffee smell coming from the corner cafe, the flickering people on the noisy streets – they notice it all, and these are the crucial parts of their inner inspirational world. The world that helps them to create the masterpieces, whether it’s a piece of art as a painting, hand-made jewelry or freshly baked biscotti.


Yes, you got it right: Bruno LoGreco is genuinely one of them. And this is the story of how a gifted person or anyone with a well-developed sensory perception can create a culinary masterwork just as Bruno does.

Do you think Bruno was born like that? Somewhat, but his dear grandma has played a significant role in forming Bruno’s imaginary world. She cherished little Bruno with all the love she had. Every holiday was hugely anticipated by all of the LoGreco family members mainly because there were always some delicious Italian fig cookies – the cucidati. Precisely these traditional cookies and warm childhood memories inspired Bruno to come up with a newly released “Fig Walnut & Chocolate” Biscotti.

Many years later, Bruno is still open to all the inspiration that always comes to him from unexpected sources. Sometimes it’s some memories, new experiences, or the much-appreciated regulars who get energized by Bruno’s appealing vibe of a creator and share their thoughts along with ideas for the new biscotti flavors. This way, he has already started working with passion on the Chocolate Cherry flavor, Pistachios Orange & Chocolate, and even Apple Walnut, especially for the holiday season.

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