Chocolate “The Food of Gods”


It’s no secret that we all love getting presents, especially when they’re from our loved ones. While it might seem a little daunting to pick out the perfect gift for your sweetheart, Chocolate is sure to put a smile on their face!

If you’re like me, you probably love Chocolate. In fact, Cacao is one of the most highly prized food items on earth. Its origins date back to the ancient Mayas, who called it “the food of gods.

The life-giving properties of Cacao are well documented. What isn’t as widely known is that the ancient Mayans believed it had immense power to open up our minds, communicate with other worlds, prolong life, and facilitate seduction rituals between lovers.

It’s no wonder this sweet treat takes us to another place when we eat it.

But not all Chocolate is equal.

Dark Chocolate offers us the most impressive health benefits. In contrast, milk and white chocolates are rich and creamy – but don’t pack quite as much of a nutritional punch when compared to their counterpart!

Cacao is the ultimate ingredient used worldwide in sweet treats, drinks, and sauces. It’s in everything from biscotti to mole! The taste of this delicious treat transcends cultures; even those who don’t usually enjoy sweets love Cacao because of its rich flavor.

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for Valentine’s, Chocolate is it. It has been used as a symbol of love and romance throughout history; its origins date back to ancient Mayas, who called it “the food of gods.” They believed that Cacao had a remarkable ability to open up our minds and encourage seduction between lovers. There’s no better way to show someone how much they mean than by giving them something so rich in culture and meaning!

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